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(Sowing Rates: Mixed: 1-2 kgs per ha. Alone: 4-6 kgs per ha)
Chicory is a tap rooted perennial herb with excellent animal production potential. It provides a leafy, high quality feed over spring, autumn and when other pastures lack quality. The stock health benefits of adding chicory to your pasture seed or brassica mix are very well documented. They include good summer activity, high pasture quality, improved live weight gains and is suitable for all stock types. Better suited to free draining soil types, that are thistle free. Newer cultivars are select for increased dry matter yields and persistence.

Chico: – Chico is a high yielding, very high quality and leafy chicory showing fast establishment, rapid re-growth, strong insect resistance and good drought tolerance.
Choice: – Grasslands Choice was bred in New Zealand, selected for high dry matter production, improved cool season growth, reduced lactucin levels, and improved persistence.
Grouse: – Grouse was bred at Ceres Research Centre in New Zealand, to provide upright, uniformly leaved chicory with a longer seasonal growth pattern from early spring to late autumn-winter.
Puna 2: – Grasslands Puna II is a New Zealand bred broad-leaved, perennial forage herb bred from true perennial chicory parents. Puna II has high nutritional quality, producing high yields from spring to late autumn.
Punter: – SF Punter provides high energy forage with proven animal health benefits and increased animal production. Very strong summer and autumn growth as well as very good cool season production.
501: – Best suited to a 6-8 month summer crop, rapid establishment and excellent re-growth, very high DM yield, erect growth habit providing high utilization and low crown to reduce Sclerotinia.


(Sowing Rates: Mixed: 500 grams to 1.5 kgs per ha)
A deep rooted pasture herb that is almost a standard edition to both pasture seed and brassica sow down projects. Contains well proven higher levels of trace elements than ryegrasses and can also significantly improve the paddocks dry matter yield and also stock liveweight gains.

Boston: – Boston is a New Zealand plantain which is a rapid establishing, cost effective, deep rooted, drought, heat and cold tolerant, mineral rich, tender leafy green perennial pasture herb.
Endurance: – Endurance is a broad leaf organic plantain that product is BioGro certified and available in conventional seed. The large tap root enables this plant to be very persistent in droughts and helps it to perform well in all ranges of fertility. Endurance has a quick response to water and has good stock performance. An attribute which allows Endurance to excel over its competitors is that it flowers 25 days later than tonic.
Hercules: – Hercules is a biannual Plantain. It is 4 weeks later bolting than Tonic with a higher dry matter production. It is European sourced with plant variety rights pending. Hercules is extremely palatable and contains calcium, sodium copper and selenium with similar growth rates as chicory and clover. It has good all year round growth with strong summer and autumn growth suitable to all types of soil conditions.
Tonic: Tonic is a winter active mineral-rich perennial grazing herb. It is becoming an increasingly valuable pasture component for supply of minerals and dry matter production, particularly in drier regions and less fertile conditions.


(Sowing Rates: Mixed: 500 grams to 750 grams per ha)

Yarrow is a common herb that can be included in any of our seed mixes. It is most effective in dry land areas where Yarrow shows its high drought tolerance.

Cultivars: Common


(Sowing Rates: 4 – 6 kg per ha)

Phacelia is a versatile plant that is used extensively in Europe, both as a cover crop and as bee forage. It is increasingly used in vineyards where it is quick to grow and flower and grows well in dry soil. Phacelia is listed as one of the top 20 honey-producing flowers for honeybees and is also highly attractive to bumblebees and syrphid (hover) flies.

Cultivars: Common