Kano Italian Ryegrass

What is Kano ?
Kano Italian ryegrass is a diploid Italian ryegrass that was bred by using the very best local plant breeding material crossed with the best germplasm from overseas. Selected in 1996 Kano has been through an extensive local trial program. Kano is protected by plant variety rights (PVR).

What is the technical description of Kano Italian ryegrass ?
Kano has a average heading date for Italian ryegrass. It is light green to medium green leaf colour, with a fine leaf width. Kano has high disease resistance. Kano has rapid regrowth after grazing. Kano contains no harmful endophytes that can cause animal health problems. Kano was breed by Cropmark Seeds Ltd.

Where do I use Kano ?
Kano is suitable for most soil types, fertility ranges and stock types. Kano has been extensively trialed throughout Victoria. Better suited to areas with high rainfall or under irrigation. When grown in these conditions and good fertility Kano will persist well. Kano is therefore recommend where quality finishing is required, as a winter greenfeed and then spring grazing or silage is required.

How do I get the best out of Kano ?
Kano can be either spring or autumn sown. Kano can be either sown alone or in a mix with brassica or permanent pasture. It is widely used to “stitch in” into pastures that have been winter pugged, succumbed to summer drought or affected by insect damage. When sown alone Kano should be sown at between 20 and 25 kgs per hectare. If “stitching in” Kano we recommend 15 – 20 kgs per hectare and if used in a mix with perennial ryegrasses and clovers Kano should be used at no more than 5 kgs per hectare. When mixed with a brassica the rate per hectare should be between 10 – 15 kgs with normally half the recommend sowing rate of the brassica. Kano responds well to post establishment nitrogen applications.

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